When ROOTS Solutions was forming it’s engineering and agricultural teams, we found there were a few members who did not see themselves in either workgroup specifically, but rather embodied the entire group’s commitment to local, affordable, preventative, lifestyle-based wellness care.

Otis Woodard, MD is our most senior collaborator. After earning his MD degree, he specialized in psychiatry, which he practiced for a number of years, then developed a holistic health care practice integrating exercise physiology, diet, nutritional supplements, orthomolecular medicine, meditation, environmental medicine, Ayurveda, and energy medicine. He brings 55 years of medical practice expertise in safe, effective, low-cost or no-cost self-healthcare, and serves as an advisor offering extensive tools and training in leadership, creativity, energy, health, and direction on diet and food-security.

Sandy Riegel worked in various medical fields for years, from office work to medical assistant, from medical billing to patient care, from psychiatric field to Ayurvedic.

Kris Tribys experienced first-hand the extensive benefits of what was considered “non-western” medicine 20 years ago, and has been a proponent and student of diet and plant- and supplement-based healing.

The ROOTS Solutions wellness team holds information clinics, classes, library sharing, and runs their supplement, nutrition and tea kiosk at 618 NE 3rd St (in a space shared with the LED showroom for the Brilliant NW worker cooperative and also shared with local artist cooperative Jack of All Beads).

The 3rd batch of Biotech and Pure Encapsulations product is here and ready to go out (next to the LED tubes)! Remember to bring back your old bottles for recycling.