LED Installation Program


ROOTS Solutions partnered with ZEnergy LED to incubate this lighting project. The LED retrofit project members trained during 2015 and was organized as ROOTS Building LLC, a worker cooperative. ROOTS Building, LLC started their own projects in 2016.

Visit the LED showroom at 618 NE 3rd Street, McMinnville!


LED Lighting Rebate Program

• McMinnville Water & Light and BPA tasked with lowering our energy usage
• Temporary Rebate Program with limited funding
• Up to 70% of cost rebated by McMinnville Water & Light and BPA
• Get better light quality, at a much lower cost
• We provide free estimate and proposals
• We handle all rebate paperwork for free
Features, Benefits, Performance

• 50% – 90% reduction in energy consumption
• Vibration and impact resistant
• No mercury! – allowing for non-hazardous waste materials handling
• Instant illumination – no flicker, no buzz
• No UV emission
• Consistent color temperature in ranges from warm 3000K to bright 5000K
• All recyclable materials
• Extra long-life
• Light weight
4’ Fluorescent tube replacement
• 50,000 hour lifespan (25 years of 40hrs/wk)
• 5 year warranty
• Can work with magnetic and instant start ballasts (100-277VAC ballast input)
• Can work without ballasts (100-277VAC input voltage)
• Bi-pin G13. Fa8 single-pin, HO R17D
Screw-type replacement

• 25,000 hour lifespan
• 3 year warranty
• Replaces CFL and incandescent
• Diffused or spot available
Other types available

• Pins, posts, directional, etc.
• Made in America
• Fixture & lumen adjustments


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