Aquaponics set-up undergoing testing in our facility.

ROOTS Solutions members are now developing some of our own low cost techniques for delivering a steady and reliable supply of fresh vegetables year around, and also raising fish in tanks where the waste products of the fish serve as fertilizer for the plants in a truly symbiotic relationship. Trials using our smaller growing medium hopefully can be transferred to a much larger sized planned expansion to serve a broader range of needs in our local community for fresh and nutritious food beyond the supermarket and independent of winter weather limitations.

Greens grow above a tank full of fish and water plants.

The Greenhouse and the Farm

Melons and tomatoes growing in the greenhouse.

The primary aim for the greenhouse is twofold: to supply fresh food to the members of the co-op, and to cultivate specialty melons for restaurants in order to provide them with melons all year around. The first year’s batch will determine how much of a market there is for this kind of service.


Growing Power model:

  • Fish system
  • Plant system
    • Outdoor trench for winter growth
  • Animal system (snails)
  • Light system
  • Anti-mold system for grapes
Rows of vegetables grow in the fields.
Drip feed irrigation, for efficient use of limited water resources.


Forest Gardening


  • Trees, vines, berries, perennials, mushrooms
  • Pigs
  • Vermiculture

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