Washer Chiller

The Washer Chiller in use, being loaded with vegetables to be washed.

The Washer/Chiller is a new product we are developing that will be a companion to the chiller trailer. Again, a lot of off the shelf components are used, such as a stainless steel pump used on soda machines and fully certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), and the standard DC motor operating from the 48 volts supplied by the trailer.
A 22″ diameter removable rotating tray sits atop water proof stainless bearings.
Produce is loaded, the lid is lowered, and a push of the button delivers fresh filtered water from the ice filled drum. The tray rotates under a series of nozzles until fully washed and also chilled sufficiently to help preserve freshness.
After a short wait the tray spins in a similar manner to a salad spinner and the produce has excess water removed.
The lid is then lifted and the tray removed to allow filling the food-grade totes that then are placed in the chiller trailer.
The proof of concept is complete and we are now exploring the design of molds to allow for low cost blow molding and injection molding of the major components, using food grade plastic.

Washer Chiller, showing the produce basket without housing enclosure.


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