Solar Chiller Trailer

Solar Chiller Trailer

SolChillTrailerCroppedStandard trailer utilizes four separate latching insulated doors to prevent excess heat gain over using a standard full size door. Over 170 cubic feet of chiller space on standard model and up to 250 on optional light weight models.


  • 1.5KW inverter operates at 48 volts.
  • 500W STC panel provides over 2x the power needed to operate cooler as performance @ over 94F ambient levels only requires 218 watt hours per hour when chilled to as low as 36F
  • Refrigeration is supplied using an off-the-shelf window air conditioner with a simple modification to allow the small inverter to not only run the compressor, but also to start it, as the inverter is too low powered to do so. Using off-the-shelf components when possible not only reduces initial production costs but also allows the user to find local replacements when needed
  • Batteries are 27 amp-hr capacity AGM (absorbed glass mat) lead acid and allow at least three hours of run time even after sundown


Shell construction uses 4″ Iso foam board laminated using high strength adhesive to an outer skin of .02″ aluminum painted using low VOC water based acrylic paint and an inner skin of high impact plastic sheeting to prevent physical damage and supply an effective moisture barrier.
Base price is $6850.



  • Washer/Chiller/Spinner
  • SolChilTrailerTotesRacks are installed that allows loading of four layers of food grade nestable/stackable totes used in collecting fresh produce in the field as well as storage and delivery to market
  • Extra batteries can be installed for extended remote run time or trailer can be plugged directly into utility or generator power if needed
  • Cooling appliance can be added as an option running from the solar array to supply the chilling capacity to our companion washer/chiller/spin dry product.
  • 90 day parts and labor, unlimited free tech support.
  • 110V outlet for plugging in most standard power tools.
Larry demonstrating the ability to plug 110V power tools into the Solar Chiller trailer.


You can download a fillable Request For Quote here, or fill this page out and print it or email it.

Using the Trailer
Farmers using the trailer to keep their produce fresh.


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